Our competitive levels are designed to further develop apparatus skills and body technique in order for gymnasts to be able to compete as individuals. These programs create an exciting environment for girls to foster their love for the sport of gymnastics! Gymnasts will be eligible to compete at provincial, regional and invitational competitions. Fundraising and volunteer commitments are mandatory for this groups. 

Requirements: approval from head coach to train in these groups is mandatory, please email us to make an appointment for a try out. 

Provincial Levels

Gymnastics Canada Developmental Levels 1-6

Training Options:

Train 3 times a week Options - Combinaton 2 times a week in the gym and 1 online class  COST - $310 per month

Train 3 times a week - Combination 1 time in the gym and 2 times online class COST - $280 per month

Train 3 times a week all in the gym COST $325 per month

Train 4x a week - Combination 2 times in the gym and 2 online classes COST - $415 per month

Train 4x a week - all 4 times in the gym COST $530 per month

Train 5x a week - 3 times in the gym and 2 online classes COST $530 per month

Train 6x a week - 4 times in the gym and 2 online classes COST $575 per month

Monday 5-8pm includes ballet
Tuesday 5-7pm ONLINE only
Wednesday 4-7pm

Thursday 4-6pm ONLINE only
Friday 4-8pm 

Saturday 10-2pm

Schedule subject to change

Two Payment options:

  • Full Payment due Sept 15, 2020 paid by e-transfer or cheque 
  • Monthly instalment billed to credit card on file the middle of each month Sept 15, 2020 - June 15, 2021

Annual Registration Fee includes Administrative and Rhythmic Gymnastics Alberta $150.00

Annual Fundraising Levy - $370.00

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Requirements for Online class

Enough space to move around (approx. 25sqft)

A yoga mat, gymnastics mat, or a carpeted floor. If you don’t have carpet, try laying a blanket or towel on your floor. 

Comfortable, stretchy clothing

Apparatus - rope, ball, hoop, ribbon, clubs. If you need information where to order apparatus please ask us.

A device to watch our coach via live stream, our clases will use the online service ZOOM. (Zoom: Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing) to live-stream the classes. Our classes will work best if you have a  camera/webcam on your device, so that the coach will be able to see & interact with the students.

  • To use Zoom, you will need an internet connection on either:
  • A computer. Windows or Apple computer with speakers and a microphone. (Note: Webcams are recommended but not required.)
  • Or a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)