Brittney Hunt Invitational - Elite Alberta - South Zones TBD




Elite Alberta Provincial Championships & South Zones Championships

2021 date TBD
Repsol Sport Centre – Gym 4

We are so excited to be hosting our 6th Annual Brittney Hunt Invitational, Elite Alberta and
South Zones Championships

Through this event we promote caring, kindness and respect. 

We hope to see you! 

2021 Registration Info to come!  KSIS registration



            Brittney Hunt Memorial Award Letter                  

My daughter, Brittney Rose Hunt was 16 years old in 2006 when she passed away. She spent half of her short life in rhythmic gymnastics and was on the Junior & Senior National Team. She travelled around the world with her coach Olya Khabarova and Chinook RG was her club!

While Brittney perferred animals to people - the close friends she did have were right here in the gym. Brittney loved bikinis, biking, swimming, movies, shoes, jeans, rhythmic gymnastics and yes boys! Brittney always wished that everyone could just be a little kinder - she thought that would make the world a better place! I was very proud of my Brittney and she taught me many lessons.

This invitational is honoring Brittney's short life and through her memory the hope is that you will be inspired to be an example to others by giving a kind hand to someone who needs it, wrapping your arms around those who may be
sad, respecting each other and knowing when to open your compassionate hearts. I challenge you to not stand for bullying and to vow to make a difference through your example!

Young ladies, you will soon be women and what a responsibility that is! I wish for everyone of you to be powerful women, influencers for change and eventually mothers/grand-mothers of immense love.

Thank you all for participating in this invitational.

Rosemary Hunt